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Atelier de bijouterie

«Hand-crafted» work is easily recognisable even with very little experience. It is discernable in the perfection of each detail, but also and above all because it is non-standardised. No gesture is programmed, an approach leaving scope for spontaneous creativity that is a guarantee of authentic uniqueness.


Issy-La jewellery models are thus individually hand-crafted. The champlevé cells are individually fine-tuned along their entire length, with the accurate polishing sparing no detour; the tops of the drop beads are made to measure and the open-back settings are engraved one by one using a scorper. The reverse side of the jewellery thus becomes a fine, light lacework giving an airy look to the settings. The master-jewellery lend their own unique touch to each brooch or pendant through more or less pronounced openworking, a softer angle, a tauter curve.


Each model thus carries the secret signature of the jeweller who crafted it, thereby ensuring that ISSY-LA models are truly worthy to bear the title of «hand-made» creations.