Gemsetting is not just about encrusting a piece of jewellery with precious stones; it is the art of spreading the light around in an harmonious manner while working as discreetly as possible to ensure the most resistant possible material. This approach results in an incomparably light, shiny effect.


ISSY-LA jewellery models are entirely set by hand in Geneva’s finest workshops, in harmony with this proud jewellery traditions. The exceptional quality of this art is perceptible in the regularity of the surfaces and the lines, the softness of the grains, and the density of the paving.

Our mitraillage (or drilling in preparation for gemsetting) is thus as tight as possible, the size of the stones is perfectly adjusted to the shapes of the jewellery, the wires drawn out with the scorper are clean-cut and slender, and the grains are individually beaded using a graining tool. It is all a matter of generosity in the choice of materials, as well as in the time devoted to these tasks.


Our models benefit from this exceptional craftsmanship that gives a voice to the gemstones.