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ISSY-LA jewellery is adorned with the ancestral art of grand-feu enamelling, perpetuated in Switzerland thanks to the enamellers active in the field of Fine Watchmaking.


Contrary to lacquer, grand feu enamelling features lasting colours. Its rarity stems from the technical feat represented by its meticulous execution:
Glass powder is meticulously applied in the champlevés (cells or troughs carved into the surface of the metal). The piece is them fired in the furnace at a temperature of 800°C, which causes the incandescent gold and enamel melt and fuse to become one, thereby creating an extremely resistant material. It takes five to eight firings in the furnace before the enameller can remove to free the cells. Then comes the glazing phase which gives the motif its superb glow. The colours are finally expressed between the gold wires and give life to the painting after long hours of meticulous workmanship.


The mastery involved in both the firing and the individual gestures of this technique make grand feu enamelling a material more precious than many gems. It is indeed a gem of fine craftsmanship which adorns all our creations.