The designer

Isabelle Merlotti  

Jewellery has long since drawn inspiration from symbolism: a flower, a butterfly, a drop, etc. – while isolating the subject from its context. By treating my creations like bas-relief engravings, I offer a setting and a frame that introduce the jewellery as a narrative element. Through the stories I tell, I like to explore the magic of the moment.
Having exercised this profession for 20 years with the great jewellers of Geneva and in the domain of Swiss Fine Watchmaking, I wanted to break free of traditional high-end jewellery in order to enter the world of instantaneity. Taking a deliberately approach from the “eternal feminine” theme cherished by many jewellers, I love to crystallise a range of tiny evocative elements conveying a wealth of emotions. The ISSY-LA dolls, like real-life still shots of their daily lives, clearly have fun laughing about the world around them and sending a fresh wind blowing through my collections.